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Marble Warehouse Elk Grove Village

Global Marble and Granite has over 70,000 different options for your design if you are utilizing marble, and will work with you to find the best options and the best styles you need.

There are several reasons to incorporate marble into a kitchen or bathroom design for your current design or remodel project:

  1. Beauty:  Marble has a unique look and a very smooth and polished finished.  While the stone is softer than granite, Marble will still retain some of the great properties that granite has while giving your new designed kitchen or bathroom a great sleek and modern look.
  2. Uniqueness:  No two stones are the same for marble, each has its own unique design and pattern.  It is a great option to give variety to the space you are designing while also tying the entire room together with the same stone.
  3. Great For Bakers: Marble Stone is the best surface for people who are looking to do more cooking and baking in their kitchen.  Marble will not conduct heat and has a naturally cool temperature which is good for cooling things off after a bake.
  4. Modern:  Marble is being used more and more and will give any kitchen a modern feel.  This will also provide your clients with the best ROI for their home’s value in the future.

If you are looking for Marble stone in order to complete your design, Global Marble and Granite is the number one option for you.  We are ready to help you find the best marble stone for your project because we are the largest and number one option for Marble Warehouses in the Elk Grove Village, Illinois area.  Please click on the marble pictures below to visit our marble gallery and see some great options for you today!


Quartzite Warehouse Elk Grove Village

Global Marble and Granite is home to over 70,000 marble, granite, and quartzite slabs available to you from all around the world!  That is because Global Marble and Granite is the premier importer of Granite, Quartzite, and Marble stones in the Chicago-land area.  We have a giant selection of quartzite ready just for you.

There are many misconceptions about using quartzite in your design.  We are ready, on hand, to help you pick out the best quartzite piece to incorporate into your project and ready to work with you to find the best piece you need. Quartzite is a great option, and there are a few reasons to consider quartzite into your design:

  1. Soft or Hard Choices: Global Marble and Granite is ready to help you with your current design project and elements in order to make your project complete.  Quartzite comes in several different options including hard and soft.
  2. It’s A Natural Stone:  Quartz is often confused with quartzite.  Quartz is a man-made stone creation by crushing elements together, whereas quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock.that evolves over time.
  3. Unique Layout: Quartzite has a unique layout with naturally occurring crystalline and sparkle features. These elements will really make your project pop and your client’s homes stand apart from other homes in the area.
  4. Less Maintenance:  Quartzite has the same look as marble but requires less maintenance.  It is also sturdier than its counterpart as well.

Complete your dream design with Quartzite today and call us so we can show you the best quartzite options from around the world at our warehouse and bring them right to you in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.  Click on the quartzite examples below to be taken to our quartzite gallery for great options!

Granite Warehouse Elk Grove Village

Global Marble and Granite is your number one warehouse for granite slabs that you need in order to put the finishing touches on your current design projects.  We work with designers, builders, contractors, anyone to give them the best granite slabs from all over the world.  That is the reason “Global” is in our title, because our warehouse features the best granite patterns and granite stones from all over the world, and we import them here so you can use them in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

We make the process easy on you, we will work to get you the pattern you want, and work with you to make sure that it works within your design.  We have over 20 years experience importing and providing the best granite countertops for designers in the area.  With over 70,000 options to choose from in our warehouse, Global Marble and Granite, is truly your number one option for Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

There are several reasons and benefits to choosing granite for your design project:

  1. Color:  Countertops that incorporate Granite will never fade in color.
  2. Value To Their Home: Let’s face it, the biggest thing any new kitchen or bathroom redesign can bring homeowners is their resale value will increase on their home.  Global Marble and Granite is ready to work with all designers in Elk Grove Village, Illinois to give them the best options from our warehouse
  3. Stain Resistant:  For most homeowners, this feature is a must.  By choosing Granite for your design in Elk Grove Village, you can give homeowners a way to have a stain resistant counter for when they are using their kitchen.
  4. Non-Porous: This means that granite countertops are a great option for your home design because it is sanitary.
  5. Heat Resistant: Granite is perfect for your current kitchen designs because it is modern, sleek, and heat resistant. Homeowners can put hot items right on the counter without ruining it.

Let us help you find that perfect stone in our Granite Warehouse and make your dream design a reality today.  Click the granite samples below to be taken to our granite gallery for a taste of what we offer in our warehouse.


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